Including Accessibility In Computer Science

Assignments teaching accessibility that can be integrated into core computer science classes

Physical Accessibility

Project Sidewalk

Implement Dijkstra's Single-Source Shortest Paths algorithm, reconstruct the shortest paths, and create a command-line program for computing the shortest paths on a graph read from a test file.

Web Accessibility Content Guidelines (WCAG)

Accessibility Tests Analysis

Use string matching to search through a list of test results to analyze the ability of automated checkers to detect accessibility errors in websites.

Accessibility Levels Heap

Use the heap data structure to run queries on a file containing the success criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.


Braille Translator

With file I/O and ASCII character manipulation, students will create a C program that translates ASCII characters to their Braille counterparts. Includes program arguments and pointers.

Braille Binary Tree

Students will learn how build and utilize a binary tree to store and manipulate data.

Braille Text Analysis

Students will use string manipulations, turtles, lists, and dictionaries to collect and analyze braille text.

Braille on Ubuntu

Students will analyze and understand a systems Braille rtf file using bash scripting and regular expressions