About the Assignments

Creating accessible technology (i.e. technology that can be used by people with disabilities) is an important skill that is often left out of computer science curriculums. When it is taught, it is frequently taught in elective courses such as Human Computer Interaction and Web Programming. However, we believe that all students should be familiar with accessibility and thus seek to integrate accessibility into foundational computer science courses. In particular, we are creating and assessing modules for core computing concepts that infuse accessibility in existing courses. The goal of our meodules is to:

  1. effectively include accessibility-congruent technical skill and knowledge into computing topics
  2. facilitate accessibility know-how for faculty across a range of foundational computing topics
  3. maintain conceptual integrity in core topics

About Us

Research Leads

Catie Baker, Creighton University

Yasmine Elglaly, Western Washington University

Kristen Shinohara, Rochester Institute of Technology

Student Researchers

Aidan Hill

Emily Kuang

Abigayle Peterson

Jadyn Barrett

Selah Bellscheidt

Project Alumni

Di Pham

Kale Kurtzhall


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